The Vasquez Regime was the Dictatorship in Cuba led by Dictator Armando Vasquez and Fernando El Torro. From 2014 to 2017, the regime was responsible for the deaths of nearly 30,000 Cubans. Unlike the Castros, Vasquez received little support from the Cuban public. The regime was also responsible for the destruction of Cuba's international trade with neighboring countries and its economy.

Cuban MilitaryEdit

The regime commanded the military; completely controlled by Vasquez as Commander-in-Chief. The Navy, Army, and Air Force of Cuba became more like Vasquez's secret police authority rather than Cuba's defense force. After World War 3 began, Vasquez casted his lock with the Confederates. After the failed Invasion of America in July 2016, 350 foreign militants from Russia, China, Venezuela, Vietnam, Panama, and North Korea landed and began to assist the Cuban military in preparing an offensive strike on the Gulf Coast of the United States.

The Coup of VasquezEdit

In April 2014, Fidel Castro's regime was assualted and overthrown by 150,000 Cuban conspirators working with Armando Vasquez; a General fired and imprisoned by Castro after his radical methods nearly cost a war between Cuba and Mexico in December 2013 & January 2014. In just one day, the Coup resulted in the rise of Vasquez and his new Cabinet of Dictators.

Vasquez's CabinetEdit

Vasquez's cabinet consisted mainly of Military commanders. The executive cabinet included Fernando El Torro, General Jose Tolocas; commander of the Cuban Air Force, General Dante Coronado; head of the Army, Rear Admiral Armando El Coloas; head of the Navy, and Coronel Federico Gromecia; head of the Cuban Elite Authority. These men would be the advisors and main commanders of Vasquez's war council.

Fall of the RegimeEdit

In February 2017, after the Gulf Oil Rig Crisis, the US received the Havana Message, the official threat made by Vasquez against the United States. Jacob Ericcson retaliated with the orgainizing of Operation X-Ray One. On March 10, day 2 of the operation, in Havana, Cuba, Vasquez was killed by US Navy SEALs along with 17 Vietnamese, 5 Venezuelans, and the 1 Russian on the island.