The Siege of Rio de Janeiro was an attack on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in February 2021. Mainly Venezuelan and Panamanian naval and air forces; attacked the Brazilian city in hopes of taking the country. The attack was the result of the Amazon Wars, a series of conflicts that took place between 2010 and 2020. With the Third World War into its fourth year, the Venezuelans and Panamanians initiated their ultimate plan to end the wars. For the entire month of February, a blockade of Venezuelan ships surrounded the city. The Brazilian Navy was unable to breach the blockade and the city's communication with the Army was disconnected by the intial assault. NATO saw Brazil and other countries allied with Brazil as allies to NATO and nations under at by Confederate-Communists. NATO did sanction Canadian and American forces to South America. Ships of the 7th Fleet were attacked by Submarines. However, the Canadian Anti Submarine Fleet of 16 Destroyers quickly laid waste to the Submarines of the Venezuelan Navy. Paratroopers are deployed to the city. After 2 days of Allied presence, the Confederate forces pull away from Brazil. Venezuela would never again take an offensive movement.