Cuba Map
Operation X-Ray One was the US invasion of the Bay of Pigs in 2017. The invasion was in response to Cuban nuclear build up. When Cuban military leaders plan to assault New Orleans and Tampa, U-2 spy planes captured photos as well as CIA insertion points. In the Bay of Pigs, CIA operatives discovered that there weren't just Cuban militants in charge of the operations; Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Venezuelans, Vietnamese, and Iranians are seen giving commands and assisting in the transport and setup Nuclear weapons and conventional forces in the Bay of Pigs. On March 9, 2017, US Navy SEALs and 30,000 Marines land in the Bay of Pigs. The next day, Havana was taken, and Cuba was placed under Martial Law.

Havana's MessageEdit

In late February 2017, after the failed attack on American oil rigs, the Cuban leader Armando Vasquez sent a message from Havana, the Cuban capital, directed to Washington DC. The message threatened that Cubans will launch cruise missiles on New Orleans, Tampa, and Miami. Vasquez gave the Americans a clear message that translated to Cuba's alliance with the Confederates.

Day One: the Bay of PigsEdit

On March 9, 30,000 Marines and nearly 67 Navy SEALs landed on the Bay of Pigs. Their mission was to secure the Bay and move north and east; conquering the entire island. The main target in the Bay were military depots and weapons cashes hidden throughout the country and the Bay. After just a day, the Bay was secure and the Marines prepared to march into Havana.

Day Two: The Siege of HavanaEdit

On March 10 at 7 o'clock in the morning, Marines assaulted Havana while the Navy opened fire and entered Havana Harbor. Vasquez and the Russian Spetsnaz operative in Havana were the primary targets. Chinese, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, and Iranians were also a high priority target. As the day and the siege rolled on, the regime prepared to make their last stand. Vasquez and the Russian operative were placed in a safehouse in a suburb. At 7:20 pm, Vasquez's safehouse was raided by SEALs. The Cuban leader was killed instantly. The Russian ran out the backdoor and was tracked for twenty minutes before finally being killed on a rooftop in downtown Havana.