North Korea

North Korea's east coast was the insertion point

Operation Ulyssus (August 5 - September 1, 2023) was a strategic offensive placed upon the North Koreans. During the final days of the Battle of Luzon, General Mark Bryant saw North Korea and Manchuria's nuclear buildup as a threat to the troops in the Phillipines. In response, Bryant ordered 100,000 American and British soldiers to land on the Eastern coastline of North Korea. On August 5, 2023, the Allies landed on the coast. After the amphibious invasion, Pyongyang, North Korea was invaded. 2 Generals were nearly assassinated by North Korean snipers. Major General Ian McAllister and Lieutenant General Roland Phillips were hit and sent off the lines. After North Korea was secure, Manchuria was invaded where dozens of WMDs were located and seized by the Allies. In all, 1,400 American and British Marines are killed. The North Koreans suffered casualties estimated at 350,000 to 500,000.

CIA's schemeEdit

In the week following the offensive, the CIA worked up a scheme to fool the North Koreans defense system. CIA U-2s transmitted false information directly to the North Korean communications network. The CIA claims that the Operation's insertion point is on the west coast of Korea from the Yellow Sea. As a result, the North Koreans move their defenses to the Yellow Sea's coast. This would dramatically reduce the defenses in the East.

Near FailureEdit

The Weather did't exactly favor NATO throughout the course of the operation. The day prior to the landing, in the Sea of Japan, a large storm moved through, causing some small ships to be blown south to Kuum-ni, North Korea, nearly 60 miles south of the Wonsan Beaches.

The Fall of PyongyangEdit

During Ulyssus' endgame, Pyongyang became a location of death and destruction for Allies and North Koreans alike. Taking Pyongyang was one of the most difficult undertakings since the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. Two Generals were nearly assassinated on the streets of Pyongyang; resulting in the highest level of security measures. Within a month, the Operation was closed and American forces achieved their goal. They were off to Manchuria and nearly 3,500 nuclear warheads.