The National Security Doctrine was a principle Doctrine created by General Mark Bryant to build up a new strategy to increased protection of the United States after the attack in July 2016. The Doctrine was developed after the horrifying circumstances behind the attack were revealed. Bryant wanted to develop principles on how to more efficiently protect National Security. From the use of DEFCON 3, 2, and even 1 in situations like that of July 2016. Bryant published the Doctrine in April 2017, after NATO's first offensive assault of the war on Cuba ended in success. The Doctrine quickly awed and intrequed Military Scholars. The Doctrine is still in use to the Present Day for the protection of the United States through military force that doesn't restrict the passage of International visitors. The Doctrine was updated by Lieutenant General Jacob Ericsson in 2027; adding the principle of primary and secondary attacks in the war on Terror. This would prevent another Terrorist Hijacking of American airliners.