Lieutenant General Jacob Ericsson was the Deputy Commander of NATO forces. Originating from North Ireland, Ericsson was under-estimated by his superiors during his Coalition Days. However, by the time of the War, Ericsson had become the second highest ranking officer in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's military forces. When General Mark Bryant became the Supreme Commander, he was sceptical of Ericsson's abilities as not just a military; but also a political leader. After Ericsson's victories in Cuba and in the Carribean proved his worth, Bryant employed him in more important operations including Operation Ulyssus.

Origin and Early Military CareerEdit

Born in North Ireland in 1980, Jacob Ericsson lacked education due to poverty. In 1997, Ericsson graduated from Dartmouth Military Academy in London and is deployed to the Middle East. In 2003, Ericsson was a Captain of a Royal Marine squad. During the 'Coalition Days', Ericsson was the vegallante of the Royal Military's Coalition forces.