The Iran v. Pakistan v. China case was hosted on behalf of the United Nations in August 2023. After the Pakistan Nuke Disaster in June, the Chinese and Iranians' relationship as fellow Confederates was deteriorating. The Pakistanis also had a place in the case; due to the Chinese' invasion of Pakistan in May and the Iranians' assault. The Pakistani representative; Salem Jabed claimed that "Chinese and Iranian militaries are using our sovereign land as a battlefield for Nuclear Warfare and our nation shall not stand to this!" The Chinese argued that "The mobilization of 1.3 million Chinese soldiers was strictly defensive and was more a favor for the Pakistanis." The Iranians never said much but that the Russians should have appeared at the UN court hearings. The case lasted from August 2023 to November of 2024. The Iranians and Chinese never signed a peace treaty; to the present day they are enemies in a psychological arms race.

China's IntiativeEdit

In June 2023, there were over a million Chinese soldiers in Pakistan. Their Commander; General Kim Zong was in India; commanding the operations. On June 19, at 4:15 pm, an Iranian warhead struck the force's encampment zones throughout the country; killing every single man. After the attack, China demanded revenge and went to the United Nations.

Iran's IntiativeEdit

The Iranian intiative to launch a nuclear warhead into Pakistan was hatched in May 2023 when Russian operatives notified the Iranians that the Chinese were in Pakistan and preparing to launch a nuclear attack on Iran. The Iranians decided to act first; little did they know that they were being played by the Russians.

Pakistan's IntiativeEdit

Pakistanis believed that the Invasion by the Chinese and the nuclear attack from the Iranians were both violations of Pakistan's sovereignty. Pakistan argued that they were neutral and had no part in the violence from the Chinese towards Pakistani citizens. The United Nations took much of Pakistan's comments into account as the court hearings reached a critical moment.