The European Sieges began on January 1, 2021, at 3:30 am in Warsaw, Poland. nearly 1.5 million Russian troops pour into East Europe; part of the East Europe Expeditionary Force. Commanded by General Viktor Morozov; Poland, the Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Former Yugoslavia were completely conquered and controlled by the EEEF. After just 10 days, over 15 European countries are under occupation. The German Cannonade of January 2was an attempt to try to stay neutral and fight off the Russians independently. However, the Cannonade only lasted 15 minutes before Russian Paratroopers overtook the German positions. Along with the Cannonade, over 100 attempts to protect their sovereignty is played out by nations in Europe. The Sieges last from January 2021 to an unofficial ending point (sometime in the autumn of 2023).