The Confederate-Communists or Confederate-Communist Powers is better known as simply, the Confederates. The lead nation of the organization was the NATO-breakaway nation; Russia. Followed quickly by the Chinese, North Koreans, and Iranians. The Confederates organized and supplied the assault on the US mainland in July 2016. Despite the attack on the US, the United Nations declared the attack as a simple act of war, not a crime. Their fate would change in 2021, after directly defying the European Neutrality Act of 2016 & 2017. In Warsaw, Poland, thousands of civilians are killed; ushering in the European Sieges; the biggest militaristic attack on Europe since the Nazi invasion of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. Statistically, the Confederate-Communists would become more known for the use of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Warfare as a Psychological deterant; massacring civilians, violating the Geneva Convention, and interior corruption within the Powers themselves. This notion was more realistic after the accidental attack by Iranians on Chinese forces in Pakistan in 2023. Ultimately, the Confederates lose the war after the Allies gain the advantage of the East.
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