The Allies or Allied Powers was the faction of war comprised of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and other European, Central & South American countries. Thoughout the war, the Allies are the face of Western Democracy, wagging war against the other rival nations involved in the war. Including the Confederate-Communist Powers. From the begining of the war in July 2016 to 2019, NATO was weakened and very much on its own. The Confederate War Machine was a powerful one including several major indust
Nato flag

NATO/Allied flag

rial countries including China, North Korea, and Russia. After the European Neutrality Act of 2016 & 2017 was violated by the eruption of the European Sieges on January 1, 2021, NATO became allied with the nations of France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Belgium. Before other nations in North and East Europe joined, the Russians conquered them. After the destructive Conquest of Poland was over, the Allies were at full strength. The Allies would ultimately win the war.